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Bear Leg is in Bartın! The largest operation under the sea has begun.

On January 17, 2021, a team of 15 people to remove the scrap belonging to the shipwreck Arvin, which sank off the coast of Güzelcehisar, started by sacrificing a sacrifice. The Bear Leg tripod crane will lift the 7,100 dtw ship in 3 months.

That's how Arvin sank.

The Arvin ship, which took its place among the interesting accidents of the maritime history and sank off the coast of Bartın Güzelcehisar on January 17, 2021, will be taken out of the water and the economy will be gained. Aras Shipping and Underwater Services Ltd. Bear-Legged (Tripot Crane) belonging to his company started to work. The boss of the company, Ferdi Aras, said that a total of 15 personnel, 5 of which are ship personnel and 10 of which are industry expert divers, will work for 3 months.

The team, which started by cutting votives, first conducts underwater video imaging. Then, the scrap will be removed from under the sea in 30-40 ton pieces by means of welding cutting method under the sea, thanks to the Bear-Legged Crane. The work, which has been recorded as the largest underwater operation in Bartın, is planned to be completed in 90 days.

It is expected that the rolling mills in the region will show interest in the material to be extracted from the wreckage as raw material.

The 113-meter-long, 13-meter-wide ship was carrying urea cargo from Georgia to Bulgaria, and sank in a storm on January 17, 2021. Six of the 12 Ukrainian and Russian crew members on board were rescued alive.

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